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Plan and Run Effective Coaching Sessions – for all ages

Coach On The Go is a must-have iPhone or iPad app for hockey and ringette coaches of all levels and age groups.

Developed by a team of highly trained and dedicated hockey and ringette coaches who also train coaches at all levels, Coach On The Go gives you proven drills to address foundation skills for all levels and age groups. Our team includes AAA level hockey coach Gregg Kennedy, and coach Jamie McMahon, who has been coaching athletes across multiple sports for over 30 years.

Coach On The Go – Hockey has everything you need to run practices based on core skills with unlimited possible Practice Plans made from 80 drills. View animated drills with multiple skaters, passes, etc. and rate for future use in practice plans– right on your iPhone or iPad. NEW! Now you can create your own drills using the optional Custom Drill Editor (Purchase in-app for only $5,99)

There are only a few tools out there to help coaches build successful teams by running practices that address challenges and build strength. Coach on the Go Hockey & Ringette is one of those tools and has been completely updated in 09/14 based on reviews and input from hundreds of users around the world. Only $9.99 > Get the app

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How it Works

Coach On The Go Hockey v1.2 is made up of Practice Plans built by adding Drills based on how you want to run your practices throughout the year. You can search for Drills by age group and skill – review them by reading the description and playing the drill animation – add them to a Practice Plan – and rate them.

Also available in v1.2 is a Custom Drill Editor (purchase in-app) where you can create your own custom, animated, multi-player drills suited for your team level.

View Drills

  1. On home screen – tap “Drills”
  2. Search by Age, Name, Skill or Rating – scroll through list
  3. Tap to view Drills
  4. Rate Drills by clicking the Stars
  5. To play animation – tap the “Play” symbol and then Play (turn device to change orientation)
  6. Pause – forward and reverse play the Drill using the forward and backward buttons. You can also drag the slider on the bottom to start the animation and replay as desired.

View Practice Plans

  1. On home screen – tap “Practice Plans”
  2. Tap the included Practice Plans to view drills

How to Create Your Own Practice Plan

  1. Tap “New” in upper right corner
  2. Give Plan a title
  3. Go to “Age Group” and select an “Age” from the scrolling list
  4. Select a “Skill” to focus on
  5. Tap “Save”
Now that you have a Practice Plan – you next need to add Drills. You can add Drills to existing Plans at any time by tapping the “Add Drills” button at the bottom of the Drill list in an existing Practice Plan.

How to Add Drills to a Practice Plan

  1. Open Practice Plan
  2. Tap “Add Drills” at the bottom
  3. Search by Age, Name, Skill or Rating – scroll through list
  4. Tap to check off the drills you want to add to the Practice Plan
  5. Tap “Done” when finished

How to Edit a Practice Plan

  1. Open Practice Plan
  2. Tap “Edit” in upper right corner
  3. To Delete Drill – Tap red symbol on left and confirm by tapping “Delete” on right
  4. To reorder Drills – Tap and hold on right side of Drill and move into the order you want
  5. Tap “Done” when finished editing Practice Plan

How to Create Drills (Requires the Optional Custom Drill Editor available for $5.99

When you first create a drill, you can set the drill properties, including:

  • Drill Name
  • Skill that the drill focuses on (offense, defense, shooting, skating)
  • Ages that the drill applies to (Novice, Atom, PeeWee, Bantam, Midget)
  • Ringette lines – for ringette drills, or for reference lines to help the players
  • Description – explain how the drill works, useful when you are sharing the drill with others
  • Then click Save.

Now you can edit the drill itself.

The rink at the top shows the players, objects and actions. You can animate the drill by clicking the play button, or manually move the time slider to see the players moving around the rink.

Adding skaters:

  • To add a skater, click “+Add New Items” at the bottom of the screen.
  • There are 4 skaters available: Offense, Defense, Goalie, Coach. These all have the same abilities, but are indicated with a different symbol when they are on the ice.
  • Once you have added a player, tap on the rink to set their start position.
  • The table below the rink shows all of the players and objects, with the current selection highlighted grey.
  • If you touch and drag your finger on the rink, you can trace the path that you would like a player to skate. The currently highlighted player is the one you are controlling. To change to a different player, tap that player in the table below the rink.

If you make a mistake, you can always use the time slider to go back in time – any new actions you add will overwrite the previous actions for that player.

Note: if you want two players to skate at the same time, first draw the skating path for one player, then move the time slider back and draw the skating path for the other player.

By default, skaters will be skating forward (shown as a solid line). Skaters can also skate backward (shown as c-cuts), skate with a puck (shown as a zigzag line), and they can pivot or stop. To change a skater’s action, first tap their table row (to select them), then tap the row again to bring up a menu of options.

Shots and passes:

  • To add a shot or a pass, click “+Add New Items” at the bottom of the screen, and choose Shot or Pass from the menu that pops up.
  • To place the shot (or pass) in the drill, first use the time slider to get to the right time when the shot should happen. Then touch on the rink where the shot should begin, and drag to where it should end.

Other objects:

  • To add pucks or pylons to the drill, click “+Add New Items” at the bottom of the screen, and choose the item from the pop up menu.
  • Tap on the rink to place the pucks or pylon. Pucks and pylons are stationary objects during a drill.

Deleting skaters, shots, passes and other objects:

  • All objects in the drill appear in the table below the rink. If you ever want to delete an object, swipe across that object’s row from right to left, and a delete button will appear.
  • Click the button to delete the object.


  • Use the play button or time slider often to review your drill progress so far and check for any mistakes.
  • Before adding each skater action, pass, or shot, make sure the time slider is positioned at the right “time” within the drill.

Visit the iTunes App Store to read reviews and purchase for $9.99.


BULLETIN: COACH ON THE GO Releases Major Update to its Mobile Coaching App to Help Hockey Coaches – and Now Ringette Coaches Plan and Run Successful Practices – September 6, 2014 –  Updated with new drills (total available is now 88) and the addition of a much requested Custom Drill Editor (purchase option) as well as the ability to purchase additional drill packs from within the app.

MEDIA RELEASE: COACH ON THE GO Releases Mobile Coaching App to Help Hockey Coaches Plan and Run Successful Practices – June 27, 2012 – Built for iPhone/iPad, Coach on the Go Hockey combines coaching best practices, planning fundamentals and animation to help coaches at all levels. Read More (PDF)

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Part I – Planning

A successful season is planned from the start by dividing the season into 4 quadrants as per the diagram below.

Coaching Season Planning Diagram
Coaching Season Planning Diagram

Example: 40 practice season = 10 practices based on each quadrant.

Part II – Execution

Run your practices with drills that match your age group and the drill quadrant. Adjust to address issues that come up during games but sticking to the plans developed based on this system, will help you move your team and individual players ahead.


Here you will find a series of best practices from Coach Gregg Kennedy on running hockey practices to build a successful team. These go hand in hand with the App and both beginner and seasoned coaches will find this information helpful.

Planning for an Effective Season

Learn about the 3 Principles of the Attack